Accurate measurements are essential when ordering a custom unit. You will need a soft measuring tape.


To prepare your hair, we recommend braiding your hair down like it will be under the wig while it is worn or having your natural hair loose. DO NOT MEASURE YOUR HEAD IF YOU CANNOT TOUCH YOUR SCALP. The measuring tape should be as close to your scalp as possible. In order to achieve accurate measurements, either braid your hair up into small cornrows or let your hair hang freely. 

The key is to get the measuring tape as close to your scalp as possible. Make sure you are able to measure on the scalp therefore do not take your measurements while extensions, quick weaves or any styles are in. Your hair should be either loose and hanging freely or braided down how it will be worn under your wig. 

Be sure to take your measurements three times to ensure accuracy. 

Failure to provide inaccurate measurements could result in your unit not fitting properly.

*We are not responsible for units not fitting due to improper measuring. There are NO exchanges or refunds. 


 Take your measurements in Inches.


Small: Circumference 21”-21.5"
Medium: Circumference 22"-22.5"

Large: Circumference 23"-23.5"